Friday, 26 April 2013

Re-decorating Jack’s bedroom

Anyone with a teenager will know how much of their time is spent in their bedroom – it’s an age when kids start needing their own space, and value having a nicely decorated bedroom of their own.

It’s time to re-decorate Jack’s room, and of course it’s important to consider the way he wants it to look as he will be the one spending the most time in it. However, it is still a room in mine and Tim’s house, and we want it to fit with our tastes and the décor of our home.

Generally, teenagers will be happy to get a new look for their room since leaving childhood behind, and will want something that reflects their current interests. We have discussed our initial ideas with Jack, and he seemed pretty hell-bent on a dark colour scheme. We really aren't keen on this, and feel he would want the walls re-painted again pretty swiftly.

Teenage boy's bedroom design

I decided to find some great pictures on-line of rooms that I like which I think Jack would to. Luckily we all like the room pictured and are going to take some inspiration from it. Whilst there are some darker areas, they don't overwhelm the room and the main colour is white.

However, this has resulted in a new contentious issue – Jack loves the sofa (above), but we don’t want to spend that quantity of money on his room re-decoration. Teenagers! At least we have him off the idea of brown walls though.

If handled in the right way, re-decorating a bedroom together can be a good opportunity to bond and spend some quality time with your teenager.

Has your teenager’s room re-decoration gone smoothly? How did you handle any conflict? 

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