Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Our long weekend in Dartmoor

We came back from our little holiday in Dartmoor on Sunday night, having had a lovely time! There’s some really great days out for families around Dartmoor, and apart from a bit of rain the weather really wasn't too bad. Tim took the Friday off work, so it was a nice break for him, and a chance for the family to spend some quality time together.

We love Devon and have spent some wonderful holidays there. Here is our pick of days out around the Dartmoor area:

Pennywell Farm

This is a great day out for small children especially, and we used to take Jack a lot when he was younger. There are various farmyard animals to feed, Lucy is a fan of the miniature pigs in particular! There’s a little railway, bouncy castle, go-carts and bowling. If you go during the school holidays there’s entertainers and activities on as well, so plenty to keep your kids occupied for the day. The farm is near Buckfastleigh. You should be able to find their website for directions.

Lucy stroking goats at a petting zoo

South Devon Railway

Most kids enjoy the novelty of travelling on a steam train, and even Jack can muster up a bit of excitement for this one.
The line goes through some really scenic countryside. We usually stop at Buckfastleigh for a picnic, and there’s a play area there for Lucy, and a museum to look around.
We have a little walk along the river as well when we’re there in better weather. There is a Buckfast butterfly farm near the train station in Buckfastleigh which we have enjoyed in the past. There was no dragging jack there this time though!

South Devon steam train

Tavistock Music and Arts Festival

Unfortunately we came home a few days before it started this year, but have been in the past and there is all sorts going on – creative writing workshops, theatre productions, film and folk evenings. It’s a shame we missed out this year, but it's worth checking out if you’re in the area any time in the next six weeks.

There are lots of lovely tea shops to visit and nice walks to do in Dartmoor and the surrounding areas if you are looking for a relaxing time, rather than a lot of busy day trips. Past highlights have also included llama walking – a pretty funny day if your kids love animals!

We always find something new to do, we recommend it as a great family holiday. Has your family enjoyed many holidays in Devon? Are there any highlights you think I've missed?


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