Thursday, 11 April 2013

Making long car journeys with your kids a little more bearable...

Do you find it hard to keep your children entertained on long car journeys? We have a long weekend in Devon planned for the end of the kids Easter holidays, but Lucy can find it difficult being cooped up in the car for so long.

A-Z of Animals Car Games

There are a number of ways we have found to keep the kids calm and quiet on long journeys – when Jack was younger we would bring books, as long as he didn’t get too car sick, or treat him to some sweets. Another great way to keep them engaged and their minds off the journey is with car games. 

Here is my pick of the best ones:

Animal A-Z 

This is a fun game for young children. Taking it in turns, each person must name an animal beginning with the last letter of the previous animal named. Make it harder by only allowing each animal to be named once.

We all Went Shopping 

This is a fun memory game that can get tricky after a little while. Everyone in the car can join in (except perhaps the driver!) The first person says an item they bought on an imaginary shopping trip, then the next person memorises this and adds an item of their own. 

The game continues like this, taking it in turns to add a further item each time whilst recounting the previous ones, until somebody gets the list wrong. At this point they are out of the game, and it continues until there is just one person left who remembers the whole list.


I think we all know how to play this one! Hangman can be a useful game for the car – all you need is a scrap of paper and pen, and it can keep your kids busy for a while.

Arms and Legs 

This is a bit more of an unusual game. One side of car vs the other. Looking out of the window, your family counts the amount of arms and legs in pub names on their side of the road - for example ‘The Red Lion’ has four legs.
This is really for residential areas rather than motorways!

I hope that there’s some ideas here to make your next journey with kids a little less painful! Let me know if you have any suggestions of your own, or car games that are particularly popular with your kids.

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