Thursday, 14 March 2013

Easter with the Kids

Easter is a lovely time to enjoy our family and bond together. Lucy is still young enough to believe in the Easter bunny, so I love to make the most of this and enjoy her wonder and excitement.

Jack is of course at an age when he wants to be spending time with his mates, not enjoying Easter with his mom and little sister, but we get him involved with the chocolate eating!

Easter Egg Hunt

At Easter I like hiding chocolate eggs around the garden for Jack and Lucy to find – as well as being fun it helps them blow off a bit of steam and stay occupied! You could try making a map with the egg’s locations marked on it, or making up a series of questions with clues leading to the eggs can be fun.

Decorating Eggs

Jack is a little old for this now, but it’s something fun for me and Lucy to do together. 

Try either boiling an egg, or if you want it to last longer blowing out the contents. You can do this by piercing both ends with a sharp knife, then twirl to widen open end more. Straighten a paper clip, and poke it through the larger hole to pierce and stir the yolk. Hold the egg larger hole down over a bowl, and blow out its contents with a rubber ear syringe.

Afterwards, you can decorate the egg in any way you like. Try decoupage with some pretty pictures from magazines, painting, adding glitter, or whatever else you have to hand! It’s a chance to get creative.
If you want to try something a bit trickier, you could gild the eggs with sheets of gold leaf, or dye them with food colouring.

Pop-up Easter Cards

Making your own pop-up cards is really fun for kids, and a cute personal touch when you send them to your family and friends. 

It might look complicated, but there is actually a pretty simple method you can use:

Sturdy, coloured card
Paper glue

1.      Use two pieces of card of the same size and fold them in half
2.       Cut parallel lines in pairs of the same length into the middle fold of one piece of card (you may need to help smaller children) to create ‘ledges’ of varying length, spread out equally.
3.       Draw or cut out some fun Easter images with your kids, small enough to fit neatly inside the card
4.       Stick the pictures onto the front of the folded out flaps. When you close the card it will lie flat, and ‘pop out’ as it’s opened. Glue the second piece of card around the first to cover the parts where the cuts show.
5.       The Inside of your card is now finished, and your kids can decorate the cover as they wish!

How do you celebrate Easter with your children? I’d love to know any fun craft ideas or family traditions you might have.


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